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Willie Lausch
Head of the German Olympic Sports Federation in Potsdam
The German Olympic Sports Federation in Potsdam expresses its great appreciation of your translation and consulting firm "Aristeus." First of all, of course, to Mr. S. Klyushyn, who always kindly supported us. We appreciate your help to our project and very thank the whole team of translators.
Gradoboev N.V.
Chief Engineer Alabuga-Volokno (HC Composite
Holding Company "Composite" thanks translation and consulting firm "Aristeus" for its work. LLC "Aristeus" is a company capable to make high-quality translation and in the shortest time. Qualified employees are always ready to help you. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.
Uwe Hedike
Airport Neuhardenberg, Director
Many companies actively participated in the implementation of our plans. From our side we are very thankful to "Aristeus" that its staff gave us generous help with translations. We will never forget this great support and leave good memories about you. Whenever there is an opportunity of cooperation, we will be happy to use it!
Bernd Horn
President of the boxing club in Frankfurt (Oder) and a member of the German Boxing Federation
In connection with the 5th anniversary of cooperation of Tatar and German boxing, I would like to thank you, Sergey, for your honourable work. Your exact and vivid translations have played a significant role in the success of this collaboration. You are a patron of sports, and we are honoured to see you with us.
Thomas Ploher
Financial director RMA Pipeline Equipment (Germany)
The creation of our offices in the SEZ "Alabuga" (Russia) in such a short time would not be possible without Mr.Klyushin. Not only due to the timely translation, but also because of his personal commitment administrative barriers were quickly and reliably overcome His loyalty to the client gives you the confidence in a new as yet unfamiliar environment.
Jorg Oelze
Dipl. -Ing. Project Manager TEXTIMA Export Import Ltd.
We would like to thank Sergey Klyushin for his work and commitment in the realization of our project for LLC Alabuga-Volokno. We have come to appreciate his reliability and loyalty in the course of cooperation, so that from colleagues we became good friends. The same applies for his charming colleague Lyaysan Shaymukhametova. We wish the company Aristeus success, prosperity and all the best for the future.
Stefan Jugel
Managing Director of P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz
Dear Mr. Klyushin, Your company provides translation services for the P-D Glass GmbH Oschatz in such languages as German, English and Russian. We are pleased to confirm that we are very satisfied with the provided services. Translations are always performed on time and in high quality. We look forward to continue our successful cooperation.
Translation services


Are you licensed for translation and consulting services?

Under Federal Law No. 99-FZ (Rev. 25.12.2023) of 4 May 2011 On Licensing Certain Activities, foreign language translation and consulting services are not licensed.

How to get a translation quote?

This can be done by an inbuilt translation quote calculator. Translation is priced based on the rate per 1800 characters with spaces counted in MS Word in a source text.

Do you use automated / machine translation or CAT (computer-aided translation) tools?    

Aristeus does not use automated translation without reviewing, editing, and improving the quality of the output by our specialists, who carefully check and edit any translation, including that made with CAT tools.

Can a translation made elsewhere be notarized?

Any notary office can notarize a translation, if the translator has a diploma in translation. If a diploma in translation is not available, Aristeus can check your translation against the source document. Checking a translation submitted in electronic format will cost you half the translation rate. If checking a translation with the source document reveals that 25% of the translation needs correction, the price charged for checking will be the same as for translating from scratch.

Do you make urgent translations and what translation is considered urgent?

Yes, we do. The standard translation rate per work day for a translator is eight standard pages. The standard page length is 1800 characters with spaces counted in MS Word. If the number of pages exceeds the standard translation rate per work day, the translation is considered urgent. Official holidays and weekends are not considered standard work days. Aristeus does not make urgent translations from/into certain foreign languages.

Why an apostille should be attached to an original document?

An apostille is a form of international legalization of a public document. As documents (diplomas, certificates, etc.) can be forged, an apostille attached to an original document validates that the latter is authentic and has been obtained legally.

What is the minimum translation order one can place with your firm?

We do not set any limits on the translation order size, if the deadline is reasonable. An order may be as small as the translation of one word, which will be charged to the price of one standard translation page (1800 characters with spaces). That means that the translation of a text shorter than one standard page, containing even a few words, will be priced as a full page.

How to count the number of characters in a file that is not an MS Word document?

PDF files or images (JPG, BMP, TIF, etc.) can be converted into MS Word documents using converters or FineReader.

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